The plan for the Activities Network incorporates elements that extend to the Bay Head Beaches and along East Avenue. 

East Ave. Mileage Markers and Training Circuit

Since East Avenue is a popular locale for walkers, joggers, and bicyclists of all ages, the Activities Network envisions adding curb-side Mileage Markers every quarter mile along the road, which spans approximately two miles. The markers would further encourage residents to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

Likewise, individual Training Stations would be added at selected beach entrances along the East Avenue route. Each station would conform to the natural appearance of that entrance and would allow individuals to stop at that station, exercise or stretch, and then proceed on to the next station or to the beach. 


Ocean Swim Lanes

Bay Head is already a popular spot for triathletes who train in the ocean off the Bay Head Beaches. The Activities Network takes this concept one step farther by defining formal Swim Lanes in the ocean on the Bay Head beaches. .

The swim lanes consist of a guarded area, 50 meter long in the ocean marked by buoys for swimming laps and practice.

Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean creates life-long memories and adding Swim Lanes in Bay Head will make the experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

Beach Volley Ball

The gentle sloping beaches of Bay Head are ideal for recreation as well as for sunbathing and relaxing. To get people up and moving, the Activities Network sets up volleyball nets on the northern Bay Head Beaches and designates an area for Beach Volleyball.

Part of the fun of beach volleyball is being out in the sunshine and fresh air. It's the perfect team sport for people who love the beach but get bored just lying on a towel all day!