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The Town Center of Bay Head acts as the "hub" of the Activities Network, with all other activities accessible by defined paths or routes that branch out from the hub.

Bay Head's flat topography, compact size, historical landmarks, natural surroundings, Twilight Lake, and beautiful beaches make it ideal for walking, biking, and all out-doors activities. The Activities Network encourages people to be more active, to learn more about Bay Head's history, and to enjoy Bay Head's natural beauty.

Town Welcome & Information Center

In the Activities Network, a Welcome/Information Center is located at the south-end of the Twilight Lake Pedestrian Bridge in Town Center. The Information Center introduces visitors to town and provides information on local businesses, health and wellness activities, and other events scheduled in Bay Head. 

Anyone arriving in Bay Head by way of the Twilight Lake Pedestrian Bridge, or shopping, dining, sightseeing, or vacationing in Bay Head can stop at the Welcome Center to find out what is happening in town.

Gateway to Walking/Bicycle Paths

Adjacent to and/or included within the Information Center are directions, maps, and information regarding defined Walking and Bicycle Paths that connect Town Center to other Network activities. 

Paths and defined routes extend in all four directions from Town Center - to the north by way of the Twilight Lake Pedestrian Bridge, to the east to the Bay Head Beaches, to the south to explore Bay Head’s southern business district and Historic District, and to the west to the Bay Head School, town public library, and Bay Head Yacht Club..

Centennial Park Training Circuit

Located in the center of Bay Head, Centennial Park is a great recreational park and town asset, providing a shared use walking path, a popular playground, the town tennis courts, and a small protected pavilion. The Activities Network envisions adding a training circuit to complement the existing park facilities.

The proposed Centennial Circuit would consist of 8 – 10 individual exercise stations to be located around the perimeter of the existing walking path. Each station would provide instructions on the use of the apparatus and the exercises to be performed at that station. A person would stop at each station, perform the exercise(s), and then walk or jog to the next station in the circuit. The course would be designed to accommodate all fitness levels