Twilight Lake and Scow Ditch are Bay Head’s gateway to Barnegat Bay. The saltwater lake overlooks Bay Head’s Town Center and is ideal for bird watching and casual evening walks or bicycle rides to observe the amazing twilight sunsets.

Twilight Lake

Momentum’s Activities Network includes providing additional recreational activities for Twilight Lake and Scow Ditch.  These activities must also preserve the scenic beauty, tranquility, historic character, and natural habitat of these locations. 

Twilight Lake Pedestrian Bridge

Walking Bridge.jpg

The Momentum Activities Network envisions a quarter-mile Pedestrian Walking Bridge, spanning Twilight Lake and linking Town Center Bay Head to the north end of town and to the NJ Transit Railroad station. The bridge span would be in the same location as the historic trestle bridge destroyed by a fire in 1945.

In addition to improving access to public transportation, the bridge would facilitate additional nature watching and educational activities, would encourage pedestrian traffic to local business, and would complete a beautiful three mile walking/biking loop around Twilight Lake.

Celebrating Railroad History in Bay Head

Beginning in the 1880's when the Camden and Amboy (C&A) Railroad spur first extended to Bay Head, until today when the NJ Coastline train terminates at Bay Head and utilizes the only “turning loop” in New Jersey, the railroads have played a unique and important role in Bay Head’s history. 

Momentum’s Activities Network includes rest stops and landmarks that celebrate the role that railroads have played in Bay Head’s development. The landmarks provide informative plaques, markers, or informative guides at appropriate locations in town, such as near the train station at the north entrance of the Twilight Pedestrian Bridge and/or along the old C &A rail path heading south to Philadelphia.

Nature Observatory

The Activities Network includes locations that are suitable for bird watching and also for learning about Bay Head’s ecosystem and ecology. Twilight Lake and Scow Ditch are ideal for bird watching and observing nature.  On any given day, osprey, fish hawks, mallards, canvasbacks, Canada geese and coots can be seen on the lake.

The Momentum Activities Network encourages people to be outdoors and to enjoy being close to and respectful of nature.

Canoe and Kayak Launch

Momentum’s Activity Network also makes it easier for canoers and kayakers by providing designated launch sites at both Twilight Lake and at Scow Ditch.

Since both Scow Ditch and Twilight Lake are estuaries and experience changes in the water level with the tides, the launch sites must be built to withstand tidal fluctuations, to help control erosion, and to preserve wildlife habitat.

In addition, formal portage locations are identified to carry water craft over land during periods of high tide.